Opening August 31, 2020

Monday & Wednesday

8 am-12 pm Open to Students Entering Grades 2-8

1 pm-5 pm Open to Students Entering Grades 6-12

Tuesday & Thursday

8 am-12 pm Open to Students Entering Grades 6-12

1 pm-5 pm Open to Students Entering Grades 2-8

Cost per 2-hour session:

1 Session / Week  - N/A

2 Sessions $100 / Week

3 Sessions $145 / Week

4 Sessions $ 190/ Week


Cost per 3-hour session:

1 Session $70 / Week

2 Sessions $130 / Week

3 Sessions $185 / Week

4 Sessions $ 240/ Week


Cost per 4-hour session:

1 Session $80 / Week

2 Sessions $150 / Week

3 Sessions $220 / Week

4 Sessions $280 / Week


*Sibling discounts available

*Studio time is reserved on a monthly basis. Studio time must be reserved and paid for seven days prior to the start of the month.

*Extended hours available by request


Private Bookings for Small Groups or Cohorts

*Do you have a group or cohort of children who would like to learn together? Email the studio for information about private bookings.


About the Studio 

Are you concerned about your child’s educational needs this fall? Are you looking for an educational experience that is not too big and not too small? Now We’re Talking may have just the right program for your child.

In response to the needs of the Seacoast community, Now We’re Talking has moved into a large, open studio that will allow for groups of up to seven students to learn together, socialize, and develop the social and executive functioning skills needed to navigate in today’s world.

Conveniently located in Weeks Crossing, off of Exit 9 in Dover, New Hampshire, the studio is easily accessible to Seacoast area families.

Now is the time for your child to maximize available learning opportunities while strengthening core reading, writing, math, and communication skills.

Together we will create a customized learning plan that makes sense for you and your child. Options may include supporting the remote learning plan of your child’s school district, supplementing the curriculum with online courses, and/or providing specially designed instruction in each core subject area.

Jennifer MacNeil, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist and Reading and Writing Specialist, will be overseeing the design and implementation of each child’s program. Jennifer brings over 20 years of experience in public and private education and specializes in language-based instruction.

Here are just some of the benefits offered to students at the Remote Learning Studio:


  • In-person academic support and instruction in a large, open space
  • Attendance limited to 7 students and 2 instructors per session
  • Direct instruction in the skills needed to complete grade-level assignments
  • Direct instruction in executive functioning, planning, organization, questioning, and collegial discussion
  • Direct instruction in reading decoding, fluency, and comprehension
  • Direct instruction in the organization, and determining the scope and sequence of writing for a variety of audiences
  • Direct instruction in math fundamentals and the language of math
  • Opportunities to enhance learning through thematic projects and hands-on activities
  • Large workspaces, which allow students to spread their materials out comfortably, utilize hands-on tools, receive multi-modality instruction, and engage in project-based learning

Social Awareness

  • Direct instruction in social communication related to wearing masks, respecting personal boundaries and decisions, and social distancing
  • Direct instruction in hand washing and sanitizing, cleaning, and safe maintenance of belongings

Health and Safety

  • Temperatures will be taken daily
  • Clients will have the option to wear a mask, face shield, or both
  • Workspaces will allow for six feet of social distancing
  • Dividers will be available upon request
  • Staff will wear face shields and/or masks
  • The facility will close for cleaning between 12 pm-1 pm each day
  • Students will be offered flexible seating arrangements including chairs, yoga balls, and mats for stretching


Begin the application process by submitting an application using the link below.


Phone: (603) 674-1170